24º Meeting anual da SEPI


Subordinado ao tema Psique-Soma: Integrando o Corpo e a Psique em Psicoterapia a Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration (SEPI) vai realizar o seu 24º meeting anual na cidade de Boston.
O call for papers reza da seguinte maneira:
«The term psyche-soma comes from the work of D.W. Winnicott and points toward the place where tissue gives rise to experience. The biological basis of our psyche is undoubted, but what would it mean for our theorizing and our technique if we took seriously the embodiment of the mind and the interaction of psychological and physical states? The question asked by the title of the 24th Annual Conference of the Society for the Exploration of Psychotherapy Integration is: How should we understand and use the body in psychotherapy?

The theme is broadly conceived. All matters related to the role of the body and of physical characteristics and experiences are included. Submissions that explore the integration of knowledge about the body with traditional therapeutic approaches are especially encouraged. The following sub-themes are meant to be suggestive of the broad range of possible topics and to encourage exploratory and integrative submissions:

Using the Body in Psychotherapy: Physical States and Psychic Change
Male and Female, Sex and Gender: Differences and Interactions in Psychotherapy
Sexuality, the Body in Relationships, and Psychotherapy
Neuroscience and Physiology: How Should Knowledge of the Brain and the Body Change Psychotherapy?
The Role of Action and Behavior in Psychic Change
Embodied Cognition and Cognitive Psychotherapy
Freud Redux: Neuropsychoanalysis
Physical Experience and Signs in Experiential Psychotherapy
The Medicated Patient: The Influence of Psychopharmacology on Psychotherapy
EMDR as a Physical Technique
Somatic Therapies: How Do They Work?
Nonverbal Interventions in Psychotherapy
Physical and Procedural Knowledge: What Does the Body Know that the Mind Doesn't?
The Body and Trauma
The Challenged Body: How Do Ageing, Pregnancy, Illness, Impairments, Surgery, and Other Challenging Physical States Influence Psychotherapy?
Critiques and Criticism of Integrating or Using the Body in Psychotherapy».

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