9th Coherence Therapy webinar - Oct 2012

This webinar took place at 17th october 2012. Participants are psychotherapy trainees. Listed some of the topics and questions that were addressed:
Trauma work with a complex case
Are some of the techniques that can produce deep lasting change more successful than others? Which are the more effective, more successful ones?
What does it mean when the client does not seems to have that same resonating reaction to an Index card some days later? Does it means a spontaneous transformation experience or a failure to detect other relevant meaning layers?

Author: Bruce Ecker
Host: A. Henriques
contributions: M.Moreno, A.Sofia, B. Afonso

Transcription of this webinar at Loja online

    Bruce Ecker – 9th Coherence Therapy webinar - Oct 2012

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    Bruce Ecker is co-originator of Depth Oriented Brief Therapy (now known as Coherence Therapy) and co-author of Depth-Oriented Brief Therapy: How To Be Brief When You Were Trained To Be Deep, and Vice Versa, as well as numerous articles and training videos. He has taught widely in graduate courses at JFK University, professional workshop and clinical conferences, and operates a private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area.
    This Interview took place in Lisbon, the 20 May 2009, at the International Seminar & Workshop on Coherence Therapy, and to be published.

    Bruce Ecker é Psicoterapeuta em Oakland, Califórnia, co-autor da Terapia de Coerência, e co-fundador com S. Bridges e outros do Coherence Psychology Institute. Em Maio 2009 a Sociedade organizou em Lisboa em parceria com o CPI o Seminário Internacional em CT. Esta conversa em torno da TC ocorreu na véspera.

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