Emotion Focused Therapy for Complex Trauma - EFTT

Sandra paivio & Pascual-Leone

"Recent cognitive constructivist and narrrative approaches to therapy are similar in many ways to EFTT, especially in their focus on meaning exploration rather than the veracity of people construals. (Neimeyer,2006). In constructivist approaches to the treatment of complex trauma, the focus is on shifting from content themes that center deficiency and victimization to themes that center on strength and survival. Intervention involves deliberate reframing of content themes, for example, by focusing on client strengths and resilience that emerge in their personal narrative. However, unlike EFTT's experiential focus, the primary concern of  constructivist and narrative approaches is more with cognitive content and narrative quality (e.g., coherence) rather than with affect or arousal or the narration process." (p.89)

Emotion Focused Therapy for Complex Trauma
An Integrative Approach
American Psychological Association  - 2010

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